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Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).


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Department Stores National Bank

Q. What is Department Stores National Bank?

A. Department Stores National Bank is a bank set up to handle the credit card operations of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department stores. (Macy’s runs the Bank in a joint operation with Citibank.) Despite the bank’s name, it does not provide services to any other department stores. If you are a Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s credit card holder, Department Stores National Bank (or DSNB) is technically the issuer of your credit card, but since it is a subsidiary/joint venture partially run by Macy’s Inc., you can deal directly with Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s if you have questions or concerns about your card.


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Outdoor Christmas Angels

Q. Where can I find outdoor angel decorations for Christmas?

A. Only a few sites have a wide selection of outdoor angel decorations, but if you use the list of 12 links below, you’ll find a great selection from various retailers very quickly.

1. Home Depot - Good selection of over a dozen outdoor Christmas angels, including lighted decorations and angel yard statues. (

2. Improvements Catalog - On our last visit here they offered 2 lighted outdoor Christmas angel displays, one featuring an angel holding a dove and one animated outdoor angel blowing a horn. (


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Menards Big Card Payment

Q. Can I pay my Menards Big Card credit card online?

A. Yes. See the links below to pay online or to reach customer service if you need other help with your Menards Big Card:

1. Menards Big Card Account Login & Bill Pay - Click through to find the online login area to access your Menards credit card account and make a payment online. Note that you will be on a site from Capital One, the actual issuer of the Menards Big Card. (

2. Menards Contractor Card Online Login & Bill Pay - If you have the Menards contractor credit card, here is the link to reach the login area to pay your bill online. (


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Bank of America Mortgage Payment

Q. What are my options for making my Bank of America mortgage payment?

A. You can make a Bank of America mortgage payment online, by mail, or in person. See the links below to access all of your options:

1. Bank of America Mortgage - Login and Pay - Go here to log in and make your Bank of America mortgage payment online, as well as otherwise manage your account. If you haven’t been here previously, you will need to identify the state you are in to get to the login form. (

2. Bank of America Home Loans - Contact Us - Having trouble with a mortgage payment or have other questions? This link takes you to Bank of America Home Loans customer service phone numbers. You will also need to call if you need the Bank of America mortgage payment address for your area, as Bank of America does not publish this information online. (


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Blow Mold Christmas Decorations

Q. Where can I find plastic blow mold decorations for Christmas?

A. Blow mold decorations are made by very few companies these days, so most of your options are going to be shopping at sites that sell vintage second-hand blow mold decorations. However, there are a few sites that also have new blow mold decorations as well. See the list below:

1. eBay - Over 1,200 new or used vintage blow mold Christmas decorations up for auction or sale here, including many blowmold Santa decorations, nativity figures, snowmen, nutcracker / toy soldier, candy canes, angels, reindeer, more. Most are lighted and good for indoor or outdoor use. Vintage blow mold decorations include Empire, Union, and other old manufacturers. (

2. Home Depot - Over 30 choices of new blow mold decorations including nativity scenes, Santa and reindeer, penguins, Snoopy with Christmas tree, more. (


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Department Store Credit Cards

Q. Where can I see a list of credit cards from department stores and other retailers?

A. We’ve got a list of over 50 department credit cards and other store cards right here:

1. Kohl’s Charge Card - Credit card used for purchases at Kohl’s department stores only. (

2. Macy’s Credit Card - Offers store credit cards with varying Star Rewards levels. (


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Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card

Q. How do I apply for a Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card? Can I make a Dick’s credit card payment online?

A. You can only apply for a Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card inside a Dick’s store. There is not an online application. If you already have a Dick’s credit card, you can pay your bill online or by mail. See the links below for online payment info and other information on Dick’s credit cards:

1. Dick’s Credit Card Online Login and Bill Payment - If you already are a holder of the Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card, you can go here to log in and pay your bill online. If you haven’t paid online previously, you’ll find a link to register your card and get your payment made. NOTE: You will be on a site from Synchrony Bank (formerly known as GE Capital Retail Bank), the actual issuer of the Dick’s credit card. (

2. Dick’s Credit Card - Frequently Asked Questions - This page offers a wealth of information about the differences between the two Dick’s credit cards, one a Dick’s-only store card and the other a Dick’s MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Both offer a way to get more Dick’s ScoreCard rewards points. (


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Outdoor Holiday Projectors

Q. Where can I get one of those outdoor projectors that projects Christmas scenes and sayings, Halloween scenes, other holiday messages, etc.?

A. There are a couple of sites that specialize in holiday projectors, plus a handful of other retailers that offer limited choices but sometimes cheaper prices. See the links below:

1. - Offers about a dozen different holiday projector options for sale, including still slide projectors, moving image projectors, and outdoor laser light show projectors. (

2. Outdoor Christmas Projectors at eBay - You’ll find plenty of new and used outdoor projectors with Christmas themes up for auction or immediate sale via this link, including slide projectors that show a single projected image and motion projectors that allow you to have moving snowflakes or other images projected on to your house. The popular Mr. Christmas brand as well as others available last we looked. (


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Carson Pirie Scott Bridal Registry

Q. Where can I find the Carson Pirie Scott Bridal Registry?

A. Below are a handful of links you’ll need to start a bridal registry at Carson’s or to find the registry of someone whose wedding you are attending:

1. Carson’s Gift Registry - Go here to register for possible wedding gifts from Carson Pirie Scott, or to pull up the registry for a couple you know who is getting married. (

2. Register at Carson’s - Go here for the form to start your bridal registry if you are the bride and/or groom. (


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Used Snow Blowers

Q. Where can I find used snow blowers for sale?

A. It’s not so easy, but below is a list of 7 likely sources to find a used snowblower in your area:

1. eBay - Over 1,000 used snow blowers up for auction or immediate sale here, including traditional gas snow blowers as well as ride-on snow throwers and lightweight electric snowblowers from brands including Toro, Honda, MTD, Ariens, John Deere, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Sears / Craftsman, Snapper, Husqvarna, more. Plenty of used snowblower parts here, too. (

2. - This is a very inefficient way to find a used snowblower, but if you browse through Amazon’s snow blower listings, you’ll see that some of the snowblowers show a few used units in addition to the new. Just click on the links for “Used” to see how much it costs to buy used. (


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Passenger Van Rental

Q. Where can I rent one of those big passenger vans?

A. Some of the major car rental companies offer passenger van rentals, and you’ll also find local companies that specialize in van rentals in certain cities. Below are 8 sources to check out, both national and local:

1. Avis 12-Passenger Van Rental - Reserve a 12-passenger Chevy Express van online from this well-known rental car company. (

2. 15-Passenger Van Rentals from National Car Rental - As the name of the company suggests, you can rent Chevy Express 15-passenger vans on a national basis. (


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Limos For Sale

Q. Where can I find new or used limousines for sale?

A. Below are 10 sites where you can find new and used limos for sale, including classified ads sites that specialize in limousines as well as limo dealership sites:

1. eBay Motors - Over 100 used limos up for auction or immediate sale here, from recent model stretch limos to old antique Cadillac Fleetwood limos. Limos for sale include Jaguar, Cadillac, Lincoln, Hummer, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Ford, Mercedes, Buick, Chrysler, more. (

2. - Over 150 classified ads for limos for sale from sellers around the country. Stretch limousines, Lincoln Town Cars, Hummer limos, limo party buses, Escalade, Krystal, Cadillac DeVille, many more. (


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Capital One Auto Finance Payment

Q. What are my options for making a payment on my Capital One auto loan?

A. You can pay your Capital One Auto Finance bill online, by mail, and by phone. See the links below to access all of your options:

1. Capital One Auto Loans - Login & Bill Payment - Click through to reach the login area to make a Capital One auto loan payment online. If you’ve never made an auto finance payment to Capital One online before, you will find an “Enroll Now” link to register your account for online access. (

2. Capital One Auto Finance Payment Mailing Address - Click through for a variety of ways to reach Capital One Auto Finance, including this payment mailing address: Capital One Auto Finance, P.O. Box 60511, City of Industry, CA, 91716. You’ll also find a customer service phone number here. (


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Carson Pirie Scott Bill Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Carson Pirie Scott credit card bill?

A. You can pay your Carsons credit card bill online, in store, and of course by mail. The links below will get you to the login area to pay online, as well as other relevant links concerning bill payment.

1. Carsons Online Login & Bill Pay - Go here to pay your Carson Pirie Scott bill online, as well as viewing recent transactions, current account balance, etc. Note that this site is from Comenity Bank (formerly WFNNB), Carson’s partner in issuing the Carson Pirie Scott credit card. (

2. Payment from Carson Pirie Scott Home Page Link - If the link above doesn’t work for you, go here and click on “Credit Account” in the lower left-hand corner of the page. (


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Kohl’s Credit Card Login

Q. Where do I go to log in to my Kohl’s credit card account?

A. The first link below will take you to the Kohl’s credit card login page, and the other links may be useful for reaching Kohl’s customer service if you are having login problems.

1. My Kohl’s Charge - Sign In - Go here to log in to your Kohl’s credit card account. If you have not accessed your account online in the past, use the Register Now area to register for online access. (

2. Kohl’s Charge Card Customer Service - If you are having trouble logging in to your Kohl’s credit card account, go here to find the customer service phone number to get help. (



Marshalls Credit Card

Q. Where do I get a Marshalls credit card? How do I pay my bill?

A. The Marshalls credit card is confusing, because the card is actually called the TJX credit card (TJX is the parent company of Marshalls), and it can be used at Marshalls as well as at TJ Maxx and other TJX stores. The links below should give you everything you need, whether you are applying for a new Marshalls credit card or want to pay your bill online:

1. TJX / Marshalls Credit Cards - The name of the card doesn’t say Marshalls, but the TJX Rewards Card and TJX MasterCard are actually Marshalls credit cards (as well as the credit cards of TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post). The TJX Rewards Card is for store-only use, while the TJX Rewards MasterCard can be used at Marshalls and its sister stores as well as anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. Both cards earn rewards points good toward future $10 TJX Rewards certificates. You can apply for either Marshalls credit card online here. (

2. Marshalls Credit Card Online Login and Bill Pay - Click through to log in and make a payment online on your Marshalls / TJX Rewards credit card bill. (


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Kohl’s Credit Card Application

Q. Where can I get a Kohl’s credit card application? Can I apply online?

A. You can apply for a Kohl’s credit card online or in a Kohl’s store. The links below will direct you to the online application as well as other helpful info:

1. Kohl’s Charge Application - Go to this page and click the Apply Now! button to get to the Kohl’s credit card application. You might want to note the message that says “Most applications can be processed within 60 seconds. In some instances, an application may require additional time to process, and the account may not be available for immediate use.” (

2. My Kohl’s Charge - This page provides an alternate way to reach the Kohl’s credit card application (or log in to your account if you already have the card). (


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Home Depot Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for making a payment on my Home Depot credit card?

A. You can pay your Home Depot credit card bill online or by mail. See the links below to log in and pay your bill online or to find the Home Depot credit card payment mailing address:

1. The Home Depot Secure Sign-On - Log in here to pay your Home Depot credit card bill online and otherwise manage your account. If you do not have a login ID and password, click the Register Now button to sign up for online account access. Note that you can also find customer service phone numbers on the right side of this page by clicking the “+” sign next to one of the Home Depot cards listed. (You may note that you are on a Citibank site when you click here; Citi is the issuer of the Home Depot credit card.) (

2. Home Depot Consumer Card FAQs - Credit Card Payment Mailing Address - The only place we could find an address to pay your Home Depot consumer store credit card by mail is buried on this page. You’ll need to click the FAQs to find it — alternately, we could just print it right here (there are actually 2 possible mailing addresses): Home Depot Credit Services, Processing Center, Des Moines, IA, 50364-000 or Home Depot Credit Services, P. O. Box 6028, The Lakes, NV 88901-6028. (


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Target Red Card Log In

Q. Where do I go to log in to my Target credit card account?

A. Use the first link below to log in online to your Target Red Card account and pay your bill, etc. You may also find the links further down the page relevant to what you want to accomplish.

1. Target REDcard Sign In - Click through to log in and pay your Target RedCard credit card bill, view your account balance, etc. (


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