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Search engines are often great, but sometimes they frustrate you. You type in some words and get a bunch of links back, but you can’t figure out which of the links will answer your question or solve your problem. Sometimes it would be nice to have a person recommend the best links for your need, or at least make sense of the many sites that claim to solve your problem. That’s the goal of Bessed (pronounced “Best”).


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Used SUVs with Third Row Seating

Q. Where can I find used SUVs with a 3rd row of seats?

A. It’s not so easy to break out the used 3rd row SUVs from all the other used cars on most sites, but we’ve managed to put together a half dozen links below that will take you straight to the listings of used third row SUVs:

1. - Over 100,000 listings of used SUVs with 3rd row seating for sale from dealers nationwide, plus a much smaller number for sale by owner. You can use the site’s left side menus to narrow the huge selection by mileage, price, distance from you, etc. (

2. eBay Motors - Over 300 used SUVs with a third row up for auction or immediate sale here, sold by dealers or by owner nationwide. Among the used three row SUVs we saw: Volvo XC90, Toyota Sequoia, Subaru Tribeca, Chevy Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2, Honda Pilot, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder and more. (


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Sears Credit Card Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my Sears credit card?

A. The links below should get you all the information you need when it comes to making a Sears credit card payment online or by mail, in store, etc.:

1. Sears Credit Card Bill Payment at - Your Sears credit card is issued in partnership with Citibank, or Citi, and you can pay your bill via this Citi Web site. Click through to log in to gain account access and pay your bill online. (

2. Sears Card Payment Mailing Address and Customer Service Phone Number - Go here for mailing addresses if you want to make a payment by mail on your Sears card, Sears MasterCard, or other Sears credit card issued by Citi. Also offers customer service phone numbers. (


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AT&T U-Verse Payment

Q. What are my options for paying my AT&T U-Verse bill?

A. You have many options to make a payment on your AT&T U-Verse account, including the ability to pay online, by mail, by phone, in person, and more. The links below should give you everything you need to get your payment made:

1. AT&T U-Verse Login and Bill Pay - Log in with your UVerse Member ID and password here to access your account and pay your bill online. If you haven’t paid online before, you’ll find a Register Now area on the right-hand side of the page that will help you get started. (

2. AT&T U-Verse: All Payment Options - This page gives you all your options for paying your AT&T U-Verse bill, including information on how to pay online, automatic payments from your bank account or credit card, pay by phone, by mail (includes mailing address), by credit card, or in person at an authorized payment location. (


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Used Mobility Scooters

Q. Where can I find used mobility scooters for sale?

A. Below are 8 good resources for pre-owned mobility scooters:

1. - Over 400 used mobility scooters up for auction or immediate sale here, including relatively cheap 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric scooters from Pride, ShopRider, Rascal, Jazzy, Invacare, along with related items such as motors, controllers, used seats, etc. (

2. Marc’s Mobility - Last we checked there about a dozen used mobility scooters from Pride, Rascal, and other makers for sale here. (


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Department Store Credit Cards

Q. Where can I see a list of credit cards from department stores and other retailers?

A. We’ve got a list of over 50 department credit cards and other store cards right here:

1. Kohl’s Charge Card - Credit card used for purchases at Kohl’s department stores only. (

2. Macy’s Credit Card - Offers store credit cards with varying Star Rewards levels. (


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Kohl’s Credit Card Login

Q. Where do I go to log in to my Kohl’s credit card account?

A. The first link below will take you to the Kohl’s credit card login page, and the other links may be useful for reaching Kohl’s customer service if you are having login problems.

1. My Kohl’s Charge - Sign In - Go here to log in to your Kohl’s credit card account. If you have not accessed your account online in the past, use the Register Now area to register for online access. (

2. Kohl’s Charge Card Customer Service - If you are having trouble logging in to your Kohl’s credit card account, go here to find the customer service phone number to get help. (


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Peebles Credit Card

Q. Where can I apply for the Peebles credit card? Can I make Peebles card payments online?

A. You can apply for a Peebles credit card online, and also make your monthly payments online. See the links below to access the Peebles credit card application online, the online account login area, and other relevant information:

1. Peebles Credit Card Login and/or Application - This page offers a link to the application for a Peebles credit card, or, if you already have a Peebles credit card, you can log in to pay your bill online or otherwise manage your account. (

2. Peebles Credit Card Application - Go here to apply online for the Peebles credit card, issued in partnership with Comenity Bank, formerly World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB). (


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Bealls Credit Card

Q. How do I get a Bealls credit card, and how can I pay my Bealls bill?

A. First things first, there are actually two Bealls store chains — one based in Florida, and one based in Texas as part of the Stage Stores company. While the Bealls Florida stores are probably more well known, both chains have their own credit card, so be sure you’re applying for the correct card and going to the correct site to make a bill payment. The links below should make it clear what to do:

1. Bealls Florida Credit Card - Go here to apply for a credit card or make an online payment on your current credit card account from Bealls Inc., the Florida-based retail chain that runs Bealls, Bealls Outlet, and Burke’s Outlet. (

2. Bealls (Texas) Credit Card - Use this credit card application if you want to apply for the card used at the Houston, TX based Stage Stores chains including Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage. You can also go here to log in to your existing credit card account and make a payment, view account balance, etc. Card is issued by Comenity Bank (formerly World Financial Network National Bank / WFNNB). (


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Honda Credit Card

Q. Where can I get a Honda credit card?

A. If you are financing a Honda motorcycle or other powersports vehicle, you can apply for a Honda credit card online. There is also a Visa card exclusively for Honda power equipment purchases. However, there is no reward credit card associated with Honda cars. Below are 6 links that will take you to all the information and tools you need pertaining to the Honda credit card:

1. Honda Credit Card from Honda Financial Services - Information and link to application for the Honda credit card that offers financing of Honda motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, and water vehicles. This card can only be used toward Honda-related purchases, and does not offer any type of rewards program. (

2. Honda Card Online Application - Go here if you want to skip the introduction and get right down to applying for the Honda credit card described above. (


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Printable T-Shirt Templates

Q. Where can I find a T-shirt template that I can print out?

A. Good question. There are plenty of T-shirt templates out there, but few that are made to be immediately printable. However, we’ve managed to round up a handful of them for you right here:

1. Printable White Tee Template at - Plain white beefy T-shirt template you can print. (

2. Printable T-Shirt Template with Front and Back Views - If you’re mocking up a design that includes graphics on both the front and back of a T-shirt, this template is for you. You’ll need to click the “Download Image” link at the site to get the printable template image. (


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Used Conversion Vans

Q. Where can I find used conversion vans for sale?

A. Conversion vans in general are not plentiful, and finding owners willing to part with them can be even more difficult. However, there are a number of places you can find them online, with the greatest concentration at eBay and lesser numbers elsewhere. Use the links below to find a used conversion van:

1. eBay Motors - About 70 used conversion vans up for auction or immediate sale here, including Chevy Express and old Chevy G20 vans, Ford E-Series vans, Dodge Ram and more, including high top conversion vans, wheelchair lift conversions, etc. You can use your zip code at the site to zero in on the used conversion vans near you. (

2. Dave Arbogast Vans - About 50 used conversion vans from this Ohio dealer that says it will ship anywhere. (


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Chase Auto Finance Payment

Q. What are my options for making a payment on my Chase car loan?

A. You can make a payment to Chase Auto Finance online, by mail, or by phone. See the links below to access all of your options.

1. Chase Auto Finance Online Login and Bill Payment - Go here to log in to your Chase car loan account and make a payment online. If you haven’t made a payment online previously, you can click the Get A User ID button at the site to register for online access. (

2. Chase Auto Finance Payment Mailing Address - This page offers answers to common payment questions, including the main address of Chase Auto Finance, P.O. Box 78067, Phoenix, AZ 85062-8067. (


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Evine Live Credit Card (formerly ShopHQ Credit Card)

Q. How can I apply for an Evine Live credit card? Can I make a payment on the card online?

A. You can apply for an Evine Live (the new name for the former ShopHQ) credit card online or by phone, and you can also pay your Shop HQ credit card bill online. Use the links below for all of your options to apply, pay, or reach customer service.

1. Evine Live Credit Card Portal - Go here to apply for the Evine Live credit card online. You will also find links to access your account if you already have an Evine Live credit card. (

2. Evine / ShopHQ Online Credit Card Account Login & Bill Pay - Use this link to log in to your Evine Live / ShopHQ credit card account online and make a payment or otherwise manage your account. If you don’t yet have a User ID and password, use the Register Here link to get your online account set up. Note the Evine / Shop HQ credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank) and you will be logging in to a Synchrony page when managing your account. (


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Ally Bank Locations (formerly GMAC Bank)

Q. Where can I find Ally Bank locations and bank branches?

A. This question is asked by many people, and the reason it’s difficult to find Ally Bank branches is that there are none. Ally Bank is an Internet-only bank, meaning all transactions are done online or via phone or mail — there are no physical branches to visit. Need more proof? Check out the links below for confirmation:

1. Where Can I Find an Ally Bank Location? - Within this list of answers to frequently asked questions, you’ll find this paragraph: “Ally is an online bank, and you can find us at We don’t have physical bank branches, and we don’t have a lot of the expenses that come with operating them. It’s one way we are able to keep our rates competitive.” In other words, you can’t go to an Ally Bank branch, you can only deal with them over the Internet or by phone or e-mail. (

2. - As an Internet only bank, is the only location for customers of Ally Bank to interact with the company and learn how to open accounts and manage the money you have with Ally Bank. (



AARP Life Insurance Payment

Q. How do I make my AARP life insurance payment?

A. AARP life insurance is actually offered by New York Life insurance company, so you will be going to the New York Life site if you want to pay online, and any mailed payments will also go to New York Life. Check the links below and you should have no problem making your payment.

1. AARP New York Life Insurance - Manage My Payments - Go here to log in to your AARP life insurance account via New York Life to pay your life insurance premium online. If you don’t have a user ID and password, you can sign up for online access via a link on this page. (

2. AARP Life Insurance Payment Mailing Address & Customer Service Phone Number - If you want to send in your AARP life insurance payment, you’ll find the Tampa Florida mailing address via this link. You’ll also find the telephone number for customer service if you have questions. (



Volvo 770 For Sale

Q. Where can I find Volvo 770 trucks for sale?

A. They are scarce these days, but we’ve listed 6 potential sources below:

1. Truck Paper - Over a dozen Volvo 770s listed for sale at this commercial truck classifieds site, ranging in age from 2000 to 2008 model year trucks. (

2. Volvo 770 Trucks For Sale on Commercial Truck Trader - A half dozen Volvo 770 models listed on this commercial truck classifieds site. (


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Tow Trucks For Sale Alabama

Q. Where can I find tow trucks for sale in Alabama?

A. Below are 7 sources, including tow truck dealers in Alabama as well as individual tow trucks for sale in (and near) Alabama from private owners.

1. eBay Motors - On our last visit we saw about a dozen used tow trucks for sale within a 250-mile radius of Birmingham, AL, including trucks within the state of Alabama and a handful of trucks in nearby cities in Georgia and Tennessee. International, Freightliner, Peterbilt and more, both wreckers and rollbacks listed. (

2. Cecil Wilson Wrecker Sales - Birmingham dealer has a handful of used tow trucks available for sale. (


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Walmart MasterCard

Q. How do I apply for a Walmart MasterCard or pay my Walmart MasterCard bill online?

A. The first two links below will get you started on applying for or paying off a Walmart MasterCard. The links below that may also be of interest to you.

1. Walmart MasterCard Application - Click through and log in to your online account to apply for the Wal-Mart MasterCard. (You’ll have to create a account in order to apply if you haven’t done so before.) Note that you will first be considered for the Walmart MasterCard, but may get the regular Walmart store credit card if you don’t meet the MasterCard requirements. (

2. Walmart MasterCard Online Login & Bill Pay - If you are already a Walmart MasterCard customer, log in to your account to pay your bill online and otherwise deal with your account. If you have not registered before for online access and bill payment, you can do that here, too. (


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Direct Express Balance

Q. How do I check the balance on my Direct Express debit card?

A. If you get your Social Security or other government benefits loaded directly on to a Direct Express debit card, you can check your balance online, by phone, or at most automated teller machines (ATMs). See the links below to access your card balance:

1. Direct Express Login and Balance Check - You can check your Direct Express MasterCard debit card balance when you use this link to log in to your account on the Direct Express Web site. If you haven’t used the site before, you will find a “Create New User” button that will help you gain online account access. (

2. Direct Express New User Registration - If you haven’t checked your Direct Express card balance online before, you’ll need to register with the site in order to get online account access. You will need to have your Direct Express debit card in hand in order to create your account. (


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